Nutritional Workshops

Good Mood Food Workshops with Rachel Kelly

Workshop One

A one off, one hour workshop summing up the latest research and evidence on what to eat for optimum mental health. The workshop shares what I've learnt over the past four years working with the nutritionist Alice Mackintosh who has helped my own wellbeing. Since changing my diet, and how I eat, I now feel calm and well, after a long battle with anxiety and depression. Food has been a key part of my recovery.

The workshop includes my personal story, as well as sharing general advice based round my Golden Rules for a Happy Kitchen. The workshop ties in with my book 'The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food' which is being published by Short Books (behind the 5;2 diet) in January 2017 and includes recipes we've developed to boost your mood, keep you calm and help you sleep.

Several newspapers are interested in serialisation and the book has been pre-sold to several countries, including Simon & Schuster in the USA.

Participants would be given a book at the end of the workshop. 

Workshop Two

This is a series of seven workshops. The first is a general introduction to my Golden Rules for a Happy Kitchen. The next six workshops address in turn the symptoms of low mood and anxiety, and what to eat to overcome them and boost your wellbeing. Week Two looks at Balanced Energy; Week Three is about Beating the Blues; Week Four is eating to stay Nice and Calm; Week Five is nourishing Mental Clarity; Week Six is achieving Hormonal Peace; and Week Seven looks at what to eat for Sweet Dreams.

Each workshop includes what I've learnt on each topic, where the research currently stands, as well as recipes developed to address each symptom.

Participants will be given a copy of the book at the end of the course. 

Workshop at St. Charles' Hospital

Workshop Testimonials

"Todays' work shop was excellent. Rachel & her two colleagues were wonderful. The food was delicious & of course extremely healthy. I need to purchase a food processor & blender!!. I really loved the approach that Rachel took. It's manageable cooking with out been stressed. It has encouraged to start experimenting. I haven't cooked anything or than steam & pre-cooked food. Thank you for a providing a wonderful work shop." Patricia

"Dear Rachel; Just to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation on Wednesday. I spoke to the others, during and at the end and they were equally impressed. The fire alarm and cooker just added to the excitement! Seriously, I needed this talk. It has changed my outlook on cooking. Already, I have used coconut oil etc. Thank you for enlightening us. It was brilliant! Love Eva."

I attended Happy Kitchen Rachel's with the hope of reuniting myself with cooking nourishing food that would support my well being.  
Since my depression I'm now reliant on medication to support me day to day. Food has become a secondary requirement.  
My love of food has depleted. I eat because my stomach makes so much noise which is difficult to ignore.  
I will satisfy my need to eat by quick fix food.  
I struggle to cook from scratch. I find it stressful if the food I'm attempting requires a lot of ingredients and attention.  
I panic & focus on what I don't have instead off what I have to make the dish.  
Rachel's & Lucy prepared & cooked one recipe from each four chapters off Rachel's new cook book.  
Chapter 1- Balanced Energy
Chapter 3 - Nice & Calm
Chapter 4 - Mental Clarity
Chapter 7- Comfort food
What I loved was the simplicity and the approach that Rachel took when explaining each of the 4 recipe's.  
The ingredients were all familiar to me, non expensive, available at all supermarkets.  
Unfortunately we are bombarded with so much cook books, TV cooking programmes. It can be very off putting & very daunting.  
When I watch the celebrity's TV food programmes I find it difficult to grasp what the actual meal is.  
I feel I need a honours degree in science, design, geography, designer, kitchen to accommodate all off the utensils that is required to cook a meal.  
Rachel's approach was incredible practical & very easy to understand.  
No nonsenses involved with the ingredients that are required. All of the ingredients are very affordable which is very important.  
All off the recipes were extremely easy to follow. The time factor from start to finish 15-30 minutes which of course is crucial when your not able to commit to amore arduous timescale.  
I loved all off the recipes they all had the main elements for a lovely healthy meal which were love,kindness, happiness, fun all roled into one.  
I know what I will be asking Father Christmas for Rachel's beautiful cook book.  
What better way to start 2017 with a copy of Rachel's beautiful cookbook. Receips sprinkled with so much love for a healthy and happy 2017." ~ Patricia Purcell